Pleasant Valley Chupacabra

whatever these things are i saw one today in the PLEASANT VALLEY CEMETERY in cedar hill texas.  whether it's a mangy coyote or a chupacabra i don't know but i saw one.  the cemetery has a creek that runs on the north side and curves around the east end of the cemetery.  this animal came from the east end of the cemetery from the creek bed heading west up into the cemetery.  i was on the west end of the cemetery walking east when i saw it come from the creek.  it paused behind a tall monument and looked at me for a second then proceeded up the north side of the cemetery heading west right toward me.  it walked about twenty yards toward me maybe thirty feet on the  north side of my straight line.  it looked at me straight in the eyes with an almost  mutual respect.  it never lost eye contact.  i had been putting a flag on my father's grave and was still holding the claw hammer and metal rod that i had used to make the hole in the ground for the flag.   i was walking to the older section of the cemetery to visit my great-great grandmother's grave.  this animal was in my sight for maybe 30 seconds straight on when it decided to turn north back into the creek bed.  at this point i got a perfect side view of it.  i could not tell if it was male or female .  i don't know if it realized that i was holding  " weapons " or if it just simply was  not aggressive.   it  was walking at what i would consider a normal pace.  this all occurred at 4 - 4:30 pm.  like i stated before " i don't know what these things are "  but i saw one today and am now a believer.  - russell t    sighting received  Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:33 PM


Super Freaky Chupacabra

Saw a Chupacabra on Apperson St. in Sunland Tujunga, Ca.  Another women saw the animal too.  she said she thought she saw one the morning before but because it was so early, she thought she was seeing things.  The animal ditched into a yard so I pulled over knocked on the door of the house and the occupant in house said he had seen a strange animal 2 days before, said he thought it was a coyote.  It was little bigger than a coyote totally hairless except for a single tuft of hair on his head top, he was limping on left back paw, he had blue eyes and a extra flap of shin over his hind quarters -  looked like a cross between a hyenna and a coyote with lizard skin.... super freaky!!!   Leslie C Sunday, June 10, 2012 6:55 PM

 It Looked Almost Human

My son and I saw one in the preserve behind our house.  I had no idea what it was.  When I saw it at first I thought it was a pig by nose and little hair on back...but then I saw it walk and looked almost human walking on four legs...was grey and no hair...googled it and this is what we saw...a chupacabra!  We live in South Walton County in Florida...Blue Mountain Beach to be exact.  We see a lot of animals here...bears, pigs... birds...but never anything like this.  Looks like they made their way to Florida:)  Carolyn       Thursday, June 7, 2012 9:28 PM

 Look At What Happened To The Chickens

I do not know if this will help,
But my father and I owned several chickens, all broiler breed, all white.
They were left out and one died every night, my father thinks its a fox, I do not.
Is it possible that a chupacabra will eat only the neck of it's victim and then depart?
The only reason I ask is because of the fact that I watched a fact or faked episode and they talked to someone who said that the chupacabra did that to their chickens.
Recently, our rooster was taken, all we found were feathers, my father, who refuses to believe, says that it was wild dogs.
If you have any advice, I would love to hear it. Jana D.    Tuesday, June 5, 2012 10:17 PM

An Animal Neither Of Us Had Ever Seen Before

  Me and my 12yr old son were coming home from his little league baseball game tonight around 8pm est. While we were driving on a long two lane road through the woods on the way to my neighborhood this animal that neither of us have ever seen before crossed the road right in front of us. First thing I thought of was chupacabra. When I got home I searched the web, the photos on your sight match what we saw. We are located in Pasadena, MD. Contact me If you wish, I just figured I would report our sighting.  Bill D.   Saturday, May 12, 2012 7:04 PM


White Cliffs Sighting


Reporting a daytime possible Chupacabra sighting in Southwest Arkansas between White Cliffs Recreational Area and Ben Lomond on State Highway 317. About 5 minutes from White Cliffs on HWY 317 is where the actual sighting occurred (33  degrees  47'33.69"N by 94 degrees 03'18.45"W).


My brother and I were riding our motorcycles leaving White Cliffs recreational area in Southwest Arkansas. About 5 minutes from White Cliffs on HWY 317 my brother who was leading pointed to his left as we were riding. We both saw a dog like animal crossing the highway in front of us and running along a tree line to our left. We slowed and had visual for approximately 5 seconds. During the sighting my mind was trying to process and categorize what I was looking at. It was dog like in appearance but had a few things that were not right for any domestic dog, coyote, or wolf, or any exotic animal I was aware of. It was basically hairless and grey in color with a large head and long tail. As my mind attempted to process what I had seen I quickly ruled out domestic dogs, African animals etcetera. This thing was like nothing we have ever seen. Even a domestic dog, wolf or coyote that had mange and was hairless would still not have the head and tail that this thing had.  After we got home we described the animal to my brother's wife, she said jokingly that we must have seen a Chupacabra. I Googled Chupacabra on the internet and to our surprise the photos we were seeing matched our mystery animal! I don't know if this is some unknown species or freak of nature but I can say with certainty that there are some strange K9 creatures out there. I have seen one!

JD  email received June 18. 2011



It Ran In Front Of My Car

I live in Wetumpka Al. and have never heard of such a creature.  I was driving down our road and spotted a strange (large) dog looking creature the ran across the road in front of my car.  It ran similar to a deer.  The animal was bigger than a coyote (we have coyotes around here and it definitely was not a coyote!)  The ears were pointed and it had no hair.  I called my nephew and was describing what I saw and he said it sounded like a chupcabra.  Again, I had never heard of such so I looked it up when I got home...I am 100% sure this is the animal that ran in front of my car....strange!!
Emily email received July 10, 2011


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I believe I have seen a Chupacabra 4 times now. Tonight was the first time I saw one up relatively close while out on a walk in twilight. I do not wish to see these creatures destroyed our hurt and therefore would want to know your intentions before I tell you more. I live in Florida in the north not far from Georgia.

Cs email received July 7, 2011

I found this animal outside in my front yard this afternoon (6/23/11). From looks of it, I do believe that it is El Chupacabra. It greatly resembles all the pictures I have seen on the internet from Animal Planet and the History Channel. The ones on the internet were found in Texas, but I live in South Alabama. If you have any information please email back. Thanks. CA  June 21, 2011



Two days this week.... I saw a weird animal crossing the same road on my way home from work.  The sighting were 2 to 3 miles apart,  around 4:00pm.  Today I got on the internet to see if I could identify it.  I googled " Michigan wild animal that looks like a small greyhound" your website came up.  After looking at the photos, what I saw looked like the September 21, 2010 Alabama sighting..... Photo on the right.
The animal was very skinny, head down crossing the road.  Seen crossing Parker Road between Liberty Road and Shield Road.  Ann Arbor and Dexter, Michigan.  Parker Road runs in both Ann Arbor and Dexter, MI
Please let me know if you have receive any other notices of sightings in this area.
Thank you, Judy June18, 2011


My son and I jumped one of these yesterday while on our 4-wheelers in Little Rock, AR. It was no more than 30ft from us. CW  June 14, 2011


On May 2 2011 1:30 am , we were driving along hwy 270 between Seiling Ok and Woodward Ok.  We spotted an animal which we thought was a dog from a distance. As we came closer it was a grey, long nosed hairless animal.  It just stood there eating something on the side of the highway as we passed by. I know it wasn't a wolf or a coyote it was something I had never seen before. I told my husband " I think that was a chupacabra".  Now that I have seen pictures of the chupacabra, I am positive that is what it was   KP June 3, 2011


Hello, I am not sure who this is actually going to, but I have a friend on facebook that posted a picture today. She was asking if anyone had ever seen or would know what the animal was. My husband and I watched a show about the chupacabra sightings and I thought it looked a little like it. Anyhow If you would like to know anything futher I would let her know. I did attach the picture she posted I am not sure exactly where it was taken or even what it is.


Kimberly  April 28, 2011


For a long time now I have remained quiet about my experiences with the "chupacabra".  I live in a small town north of Houston, Tx.  A hot spot for sightings.  I never payed any attention to the "chupacabra" stories /sightings until summer 2009.  We live on the egde of acres and acres of woods.  We have coyotes,raccoons, red fox, grey fox, possums, you name  it....and we throw scraps over the fence for them instead of throwing things away.  I can not count the coyotes & fox that I have seen over the years come to eat the left overs!  An evening in late July 2009 we had thrown chicken bones over the fence and we saw what we thought was a deer come to grab some and run off! (We only saw the front of it)...the next night we saw the "deer" again.  That was VERY ODD for 2 reasons...deer do not eat chicken bones and too , we do not see deer that time of evening since the predator animals start to roam at dusk!
About a day or so later...I went to move the water sprinkler (3:00pm) and what I saw was a "deer" with a long rat-like tail.  This animal looked like a deer in the head,neck & ears...and a hairless dog or coyote in the back!  The first one I saw was a "fawn" colored one and about the size of a medium size dog.  I did not know what to think!
About 2 weeks later I walked out to check my pool and standing about 50 ft. away-on the other side of my chain-link fence was a tall, long -eared "dog" that was shiny, hairless & purple-gray color!  He wasn't afraid and neither was I. He had come to eat some food I had thrown out there!  He starred at me for about 1-2 minutes and then left. After that we have seen them about once a month and I have about an hours worth of video of them.
My cats and dogs are "curious" about them but not afraid....if you have a sighting of them...please don't kill them...unless you are afraid for your life...too many times they are killed for no reason!
I will tell you this...THEY ARE NOT DOGS or COYOTES WITH MANGE!!! Their behavior is different and so is their body structure and movement!
If you would like additional info or would like to share a story with me (which is why I am going public)please contact Chupacabra Sightings  who will put you in touch with me.
I have been working with a cryptozoologist to try and get info about these animals!
Thanks for listening!   DF  April 27,2011


here i am doing something I  allways said i wouldnt do. on 3-24-2011, my sister and i saw what everyone is saying is a  chupacabra. then again on 3-30-2011, i saw it again. about in the same place as before. we have told avery few people about it cause i know some will think we are crazy or drunk. only we're both sain and we dont drink. we didnt get a picture but we know what we saw. it looked like your photos. since i've seen it again you can bet i'll have my camera with me next time.the first time we saw it , it ran across the road in front of us, about ten feet from us it wasnt afraid of us or the truck. it seemed to not notice us at all.we live in southeast alabama in the columbia area.
                      thanks E.H&S.C  March 30, 2011


Game Camera from BD   March 26,2011


 I lived in the DominicanRepublic in the mid 90s during the heat of the chupacabra sightings. The chupacabra i saw looked like a small gargoyle with grayish skin red eyes and spines like an iguana. it was @3 ft tall and had long claws on its front hands and large three toed feet like you see on an emu. We were in the bush outside SantoDomingo looking for taino indian caves there. i saw it in a clearing thinking it was a staure. it was squatted down not moving about 12-15ft from me. i yelled at the friends ahead of me that i found something and turned to walk toward it. It turned its head and thats when isaw the big red eyes. it hissed at me with a mouth full of teeth. when my friends saw it they ran screamng chupcabra,chupacabra. it sort of hopped/ran into the brush nearby. i ran after it. i poked in the bushes with my walking stick but never saw it.i felt like it was close by and staring at me. this was @3:00 in the afternoon.
  i live in Alabama, not far from the town of Silverhill. I would like to try and trap the one posted on the site. while i understand that you may not be able to give out contact info i would like if you would/could contact those people there and give them my contact info please. i have seen several strange creatures on my 8 acres here in Bon Secour, Al.
  im not sure why the chupacabra here look like a hybrid and more canine while those reported in the DR and other places look more lizard/gorgoyle like. the one i saw did not run on all fours it moved like a t-rex slummped over leaning slighly forward. i got a good look at it and could tell a sketch artist how to draw it. please contact Chupacabra Sightings 
 and they will get you in touch with me
Thanks for your time  SK  March 28 2011


To whom it may concern:

I live in North Alabama, and got curious about this animal while watching a TV show on the subject. I searched it on the internet and came upon this site. The pictures the lady (Lisa) took in her back yard in Alabama, look exactly like what I saw.
Last summer while returning from a trip from Montgomery, Al., I was driving on I65 northbound. I was about halfway between Montgomery and Birmingham, when I saw this animal in the median. It was about 10:00 am on a sunny day. The animal was in the grass of the median, which also contained a narrow section of woods. It was feeding on roadkill which appeared to be a deer. I was shocked at what I saw! I first thought it could be a dog, but it seemed to be hairless and had a strange shaped head. I realized it was not a dog, but I didn't know what it was. The size of the animal, I would say would be slightly larger than a yearling size deer.
I wanted to turn around and go back and get a picture, but it would have been several miles of driving, exiting the Interstate and going back to back track. I decided it would probably be gone by the time I could get back to that location. I'm really curious to know what part of Alabama the pictures Lisa took came from, to know if it was the same area.
I don't know that this information will be of any assistance but I wanted to let it be know. You may contact me by email if I can help anymore. My son lives in Florida and I make the trip to Montgomery to pick him up several times a year. I've pointed out the spot where I saw the animal too him, and we bring it up now every time we go by it.


P.S. I would prefer to have my last name left anonymous.  March 4, 2011


Yesterday, Oct. 31st, 2010, my husband and I were riding our horses down FM 1008 in Tarkington Texas. (between Dayton and Cleveland).
We normally ride our horses each Sunday afternoon on the same route of rural roads that skirt a 3200 acre deer lease that adjoins our property. Currently there are hunters on the lease which has pushed deer, coyotes, wild hogs, and other wildlife into our pasture and the roadway. Each year about this time we see an increase in the number of animals hit by cars near our home because of the activity in the wooded deer lease.
Yesterday, we took off on the horses following the same path we take on each of our rides following the roadway southbound on the shoulder of the road. About 1/3 mile from our property the horses became very agitated and obviously scared. My husband noticed a dead animal on the side of the road. It had not been dead long because there was no smell and little decomposition at the time. We attempted to ride the horses past the dead animal, but they refused to go anywhere near the animal which lead me to think the animal may have still been alive. They became very scared with the whites of their eyes showing, tilting their heads to watch it, and blowing and snorting which they only do when they feel threatened. I became very uneasy at their behavior and dismounted, allowing my husband to lead the horses to the other side of the road so that I could more closely examine the animal.  
I have been a vet tech for 12 years working for the Houston SPCA and numerous veterinary practices in the Houston area, some working with wildlife and exotics, and have never seen an animal like this.
The animal was dead, so I proceeded to examine it more closely.
  • It was completely hairless- which gave me concerns for sarcoptic or red mange. I looked for evidence of mange which would include red spots on the skin similar to a rash, or irritated areas of the skin, signs of scratching, thickened and scaly skin... And there was none other than fly strike (bites on the edges of the ears) which is common in many species of animals in our area during summer (humid) months.
  • The animal had a tail much like an opossum. The tail was long and very thin with no hair.  
  • The animal weighed between 15-20 lbs and was female with evidence of recently nursing offspring (although she no longer had "bags"). It was no doubt a mammal.
  • The rear legs were much longer in comparison to the fore legs. The paws were unusual with digits that were extremely long and slender and spread with little to no webbing between them, and the nails were pointed straight out rather than with curvature towards the ground that would wear with ground contact. They reminded me of a raccoon's paws.
  • The animal seemed to be in good body condition with no sign of emaciation. There was a pronounced curvature (rounding of the spine) of the spine with bony processes protruding.
  • The animals skull was very unusual being broad across from eye socket to socket (similar to a pit bull) with little slope from the top of the skull to the end of the nose. There was almost no definition for the eye sockets.
  • The animal had very strange teeth that were much like a puppies "needle" teeth but were extremely long. They were also spaced out. The animal was not a young animal and would not have had baby teeth. The canine teeth were about 1 1/4 inch on top and very slender. The bottom jaw was very short coming at least 1/2 inch to 1 inch short of meeting the top jaw at the nose.
I did not have my cell phone with me to take pictures at the time, but plan on returning tonight when I get off work to take pictures and bag the animal to take in for examination (I spoke to the veterinarian that I worked for that previously retired) and he would like to examine the animal and do DNA testing and dissect it so that we may determine what this animal is.
The day before a cowboy that lives less than 1 mile from our residence saw another creature that was similar to this one, that was alive at the time, and he said hopped into the brush like a rabbit, was also hairless, and about the same size. We thought he had lost his mind and actually made fun of him. But he also mentioned that his horse was terrified which frightened him because his horse is ridden daily in the woods, has been hunted off of, and has even come across a cougar and wolves in the woods without being frightened. 
We have had numerous wolf sightings in the area in recent past, but we were informed that Texas Parks and Wildlife had populating an area about 10 miles from us with Timber Wolves a few years ago. We have had calves lost to wolves, but no other unexplained livestock deaths in our area. I know that there are several packs of coyote in the area, but this is definitely not a coyote, nor a wolf, and I own a Inca dog (which is similar to a Mexican Hairless/or other hairless breeds) and it is not a dog.
 BA  Nov 1, 2010