more recent sightings of the bizarre Chupacabra Beast .......

I live in a little town called Vernon, TX. I have heard stories about seeing a chupacabra in the area. I saw one a few years back but wasn't sure what it was because it ran past my apartment really fast. Tonight I saw one from a distance and I'm pretty sure that is what it is. I looked at some pictures on the internet of chupacabra sightings and dead one's found. It was walking along a fence line back and forth as if it was searching for something. I watched it for about ten minutes then another one appeared. One of them did stand partially on it's back legs. It was really skinny, black, really long legs and a long snout. It's tail was really long about the length of it's body. This is the first time I have been able to watch it long enough to try and figure out what it is and I am definately convinced that it is el chupacabra. I will try and look for it every night so I can try and get a closer look at it for more details. I am just thrilled to be able to witness this for myself.
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I am sending two photos of what we believe to be the chupacabras.  They both were photograped with game cameras.  One is dated 09, and one 10.   The one dated 09 was at a friends home near her chicken pen, and  was seen again on October 23, 2010 in Amite County in Rosetta Mississippi by my uncle.  The creature came from where his deer camp is and crossed the road and ran onto our property in the woods.  The other was captured this year across the river from our homeplace near Garden City, Ms.  Please look at the pictures and let us know if this is what they are.  Thank you,

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It was standing along the side of the road when we first spotted it.  It appeared to be Brindle colored like a dog, but when I got a closer look it definitely was no dog.

We turned our truck around and went back to where we had passed it only to find it gone.  I looked around and there was a 4’ diameter culvert that crossed under the road.

When looking in the culvert I saw a couple small dead fish and wondered if it was eating those?  We began to drive off when I looked across the highway and spotted it about 50 yards away out in a field.

It was staring at us so we grabbed the camera and by that time it began to trot off.  I whistled and it stopped and looked back, thus the first photo.  It began to trot off again when we snapped the second photo.



    I was south of Alma,NE on Hwy 183 about 3 miles north of the Kansas Nebraska border the middle of September 2010.  We saw up ahead a dark animal circling around a roadkill on the side of the road it then walked down into the ditch. We stopped and backed up to look at it.  It was some type of canine.  We could see it was charcoal black colored with a tan patch on the shoulder.  It looked slick and shiny like it has been in water but I don't think it was wet.  It had a long neck like a hyena.  It had canines extending out the sides of it's mouth.  It was a little shorter than knee high.  We saw it from about 30 ft away for about 10 seconds.  It was not afraid but it just decided to walk off into a field. 
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we recently moved to rincon ga our home backs up to woods and a creek the evening of the full moon just this month sept-oct 2010 i had gone out my back door for a smoke - i heard some of the worst sounds ever didn't know if it were hogs or cyotees? yet is was monsterouse to me even my 3 dogs 2- chihuahuas and a pitbull wouldn't go outside for that evening and the next ay - could this be the chupacabra? snarly whiporwilly snarley growly sounds? im stumped n scaired - have there been any sightings in the state of georgia? thank you. debra 

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Friday morning 8:15 a.m., Sept 10th, Havasu Landing near Parker Dam. Walked right in front of my lake house (20 ft). It had a bad right rear leg, and was limping. I followed it (50ft) for a couple minutes and it headed down the trail toward Parker Dam. No doubt what I saw

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Ok guys working on catching it on video.    But it is running with a red fox.  Both seen during daylight. Hairless one not timid at all two shotgun blasts above head to even get it to walk off. This in my front yard 10 feet from front porch.  It’s the size of the fox it runs with but damn to be that fearless even scared me a little.  I live in a little town in south Alabama named silverhill. Zip is 36576. I’m not messing around with this thing any more will help some one trap it or I will put a 405 grain .45 -70 slug into it. So if you guys want a live one or what ever this is then contact me.     email received Tuesday, September 7, 2010 9:58 PM  from MH

My wife and I saw this strange dog/coyote skinless dark animal jumping across the road in the hills in Glendale Ca, a bedroom suburb northeast of LA.  After I saw the story on chupacabras being sighted in Texas, I swear this must have been a chupacabra.  This was a week ago and haven't seen it since.

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I just tonight seen the texas thing where they got 2. About 10 years ago at about 2 am I was driving home going thru moticello, ME. on rte 1 and the uglyest thing I have ever seen ran right across in front of me. I never have seen anything like it until tonight when I saw the photos from texas.
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