On 3/17/11, after spending the winter in south Texas, we were on our way to Denison via U.S.77.  We spent the night of the 16th in Rockdale. The next morning, about 10 a.m.,we were travelling north about 25 miles south of Waco, (somewhere just north of Marlin).  I saw an animal come out of the ditch on the left side of the road about 50 yards in front of us.  It was moving in a slow lope, not really in a hurry, looking at us.  It went into a field of tall grass on our right, kind of leaping.  When I saw it, I said to my wife, “there’s a coyote, no that’s one of those varmints I read about”.  We slowed down and watched it continue through the field until it disappeared.  It looked almost like a greyhound body, but the head was not quite like a greyhound.  Also light brownish grey and hairless.  I’m sure this was a chupacabra.
JK Neosho, MO